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Vonschloo Smart Amplifier


The design of the smart amp is cohesive

and clear. It is reduced and focused

on material and finish.

Purpose and functionality is intuitive.

Simplicity shields the complexity.

The technical heart of the smart amp is within the matt black body work that is protected

by its light grey fiber cement cover plate.

By laser-engraving the Vonschlo logo directly onto the fiber cement gave us the

opportunity to emphasize the minimalistic

360 degree design approach.

Vonschloo Smart Amp


Because the design of the smart amp

series is driven by simplicity it highlights the

importance of the choice of materials.

The combination of composite cement

and metal is a unorthodox but

very sensual melange.

This deliberate contrast of materials is the

base of the amplifiers subtle charm.


The dark colored and precise metal of the

housing together with the warm,

irregular and corse fiver cement becomes

a irresistible haptic experience.


The matt color finish of the metal leads

the focus onto he glossy display

where the function gets visible.

Vonschloo Smart Amp
Vonschloo Smart Amp
Vonschloo Smart Amp
Vonschloo Smart Amplifier
Vonschloo Smart Amp


The Vonschloo Smart Amp is a

great cooperation with Rowen Switzerland.

It is the key component of a perfect

audio and video integration and

will pave the way for a musical top performance.

Music coming from a streamer can

be operated via app or your TV remote.

An intuitive operation is guaranteed.

Single-Ended-Class-A input circuits with

optimal dynamic sensitivity allow an awesome

sound evolvement.

Another important typically swiss aspect

regarding this amplifier is the fact

that it is strictly structured for longevity.

Thanks to a smart control logic, modern ports

like streamer and bluetooth are

replaceable anytime needed.

Smart integration to us does not mean to

put short-dated technology into our products,

but perfectly integrate them externally.

Even our LED Dot-Matrix display has a

lifetime many times over TFT or OLED displays.

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