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The design of the L242 is not only driven by the distinctive shape. As important for the

appearance is the choice of materials. The

combination of composite cement, wood, metal

and fabric create a very sensual melange, nice

in look and feel.
The contrasting of the used materials is part
of the charm. The warm, irregular and rough

material of the housing compared with the

smooth, cool and delicate stand gives the

product an unique visual character and haptic experience.
This combination makes the product fit most

modern living environments. A sound object

which can be placed freely within any room in

the house.

Swiss Design
Schweizer Design


The design of the L242 makes

a clear visual statement, is reduced

and focused on material and finish.
Inspired by the "Folle" an archaic

sound object, which has been used

in the Swiss alps for centuries to

call the "Alpsegen". The basic cone

shape is iconic and self


Purpose and functionality is

understood on the first view.
In contrast to many electronic

products we wanted a 360° design

being attractive from every side

and therefore allowing this sound

object to be placed everywhere in a

living environment.

Designlautsprecher design loudspeaker

Hi-Fi meets


The L242 Loudspeaker is ideal for people looking for a sophisticated sound experience

as well as timeless design.

VONSCHLOO L242 Standlautsprecher Rückseite


Beauty from within.

The rounded cone shape, gives great stiffness to the housing and avoids sound reflections.

Combined with high performance components of the highest  quality make the object sound neutral and allows for fatigue free listening.

The cooperation with experienced sound technicians allow these compact loudspeaker to deliver an performance which drags the listener right into the music experience.

Part of this result is due to the point source (coaxial) driver units from Seas Norway.

They project a realistic and natural 3 dimensional

soundstage right in front of you.

L242 VONSCHLOO Speaker Design Estragon gmbh
Schweizer Design




There are two different loudspeaker configurations.
The only difference between both configurations are the stands, which can be exchanged at any time.
The floor standing loudspeaker, with its stand inspired by the design of the 50ies and 60ies, suits perfectly for a free placement in a living space.
The second version is a shelf loudspeaker, with a very compact stand.

VONSCHLOO L242 Lautsprecher Anordnung-12.png


& Figures

The L242 are stereo passive loudspeakers. Therefore they will be delivered as a pair of two.

The loudspeaker must be connected to an amplifier and both of them should ideally be positioned in the same angle and

distance to the listener.


SL: 460mm x 422mm x 762mm

RL: 330mm x 242mm x 280mm



SL: 8kg / loudspeaker including floor stand

RL: 7kg / loudspeaker including shelf stand



composite cement, wood, metal, fabric


Driver Unit

point source, two way coaxial


Frequency Range

73 - 22'000 Hz


Housing Type

closed cabinet



gold platted binding posts

VONSCHLOO Textilkabel Gold Verdrillt
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