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Eternit Loudspeaker


The design of the L8 and L10 makes

a clear visual statement, it is reduced

and focused on material and finish.
We took full advantage of the possibilities and properties of fiber cement.

It allowed us to create a very

compact and stylish speaker.

The upright speaker body is elegant and robust at the same time, which

contrasts well with the filigree stand.

As with any Vonschloo product we

wanted a 360° design being attractive from every side and therefore allowing this sound object to be placed

everywhere in a living environment.

Schweizer Produktdesign


Beauty from within.
The rounded cone shape, gives great stiffness to the housing and avoids sound reflections. Combined with high performance components of the highest quality make the object

sound neutral and allows for fatigue free listening.

The cooperation with Rowen of Switzerland gives these loudspeaker a performance

which drags the listener right into the music experience.

The  L8 speaker is a two way system delivering a frequency response from 25-24'000 Herz.

The closed cabinet design "Acoustic Suspension" allows the user to place the

speaker freely, even close to the walls.

The L10 features the Rowen Linear Motion Transformer. This transducer for

high and medium frequencies stays free of coloration and has a very natural sound.

The Bi-Polar tweeter on the rear ads airiness and depth to the sound stage.

Aesthetics and Performance

The L8 and L10 Loudspeakers are ideal

for people looking for the extraordinary sound experience in a timeless design.

Eternit Lautsprecher


The design of the L8 and L10 is not only driven

by the distinctive shape. As important for the appearance is the choice of materials.

The combination of composite cement, wood, metal and fabric create a very sensual melange, nice to the eye and to the touch.

The decision to use composite cement was  triggered by the fact that concrete is one of

the best materials available for acoustic cabinets. But only the mix with fibres and air make it a usable. We invested a lot of time in exploring

the possibilities of this interesting material

before coming up with an appropriate design

for the material involved.

The warm, irregular and rough material of

the housing compared with the smooth, cool and delicate stand gives the product an unique

visual character and haptic experience.

Eternit Design
Hi-Fi Design
Swiss Product Design
Rowen Vonschloo



The L8 and L10 are two different loudspeaker configurations, which share the same housing, magnetic grill and stand.

The difference between L8 and L10 lies in the drivers and

sound concept. Both versions have high quality wire connectors which can be used for wire, spades or banana plugs.


& Figures

The L8 and L10 are stereo passive loudspeakers. Therefore they will be

delivered as a pair of two.

The loudspeaker must be connected to an amplifier and both of them should ideally be positioned in the same angle and

distance to the listener.


L8/L10: 450mm x 310mm x 975mm



L8: 22kg / loudspeaker incl. floor stand

L10: 23kg / loudspeaker incl. floor stand


composite cement, wood, metal, fabric



L8: Quasi-Active /Acustic Crossover

L10: Linear Motion Transformer 1-28kHz


Frequency Range

L8: 25 - 24'000 Hz

L10: 25 - 28'000 Hz


L8: 400 W

L10: 1000W



L8/L10: Acoustic-Suspension



gold platted binding posts

Vonschloo Amp
König Kabel
L8_Back Cable Detail_001.png
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