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The design of the sideboard module

makes a clear visual statement,

it is reduced and focused on material and finish.

Purpose and functionality is intuitive.

Used as a classic sideboard,

stand alone or as a partition for a large room, 

the system will easily adapt to your needs.

Being available in different sizes and

different wood finishes the sideboard module

will match and complement any

existing interior designs.

Dual 1219


Because the design of the SM series

is driven by simplicity it highlights the

importance of the choice of materials.

The combination of composite cement and wood

is a unorthodox but very sensual melange.

This  deliberate contrast of materials is the

base of the module’s subtle charm.

The warm, irregular and corse

material of the housing together with

the smooth and precise wood becomes

a irresistible haptic experience.

The matt varnish of the wood protects

against UV light and liquids and

preserves its beautiful natural look and feel.

Four rubber feet give the modules

a firm stand without leaving marks on

the floor or on the module below.

Eternit Sideboards
Faile Kodak Brownie
Phil Frost Eddie Otchere
Beastie Boys


Different module formats allow

for a huge variety of

possible configurations

and applications.

All units are available with

an oak wood or in black

tinted MDF panel.

The modules all share the

same depth which allows a

seamless arrangement.

Swiss Design
Best Swiss
Best Swiss
Best Swiss
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