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Hifidelity meets



Vonschloo products are ideal for people looking

for a sophisticated sound experience as well as

timeless design.

The design of the L2, our initial product, makes a clear visual statement. We have been inspired by the "Folle" an archaic sound object, which has been used in the Swiss alps for centuries to call the "Alpsegen".

The basic cone shape is iconic and needs no further explanation. Purpose and functionality is understood intuitively on the first glance. In contrast to many electronic products we wanted a 360° design being

attractive from every side and therefore allowing

this sound object to be placed everywhere in a

living environment.

Intro Guhl.png

Size matters. Vonschloo would like to bring

high quality music experience into peoples homes. Based on our design and the

sonic performance of our products there

is no more restriction of size,

positioning and integration to find a matching position in your living space.


The design is not only driven by the distinctive shape. As important for the appearance is the choice of materials. The combination of composite cement, wood, metal and fabric create a very sensual melange, nice to the eye and to the touch.

This makes the product fit most modern living environments. A sound object which can be placed freely within any room in the house.

Intro Alpsegen.png

Purpose and functionality is understood

intuitively on the first glance.

In contrast to many electronic products we wanted

a 360° design being attractive from every side and therefore allowing this sound object to be placed

everywhere in a living environment.

The decision to use composite cement was

triggered by the fact that concrete is one of the best materials available for acoustic cabinets.

But only the mix of fibers, cement and air make it perfectly suitable for an audiophile application.

We invested a lot of time in exploring the properties before coming up with an appropriate design for loudspeakers.

The absence of angles and parallel surfaces in combination wit the rigidity and damping properties oft he housing allowed us to conceive a compact cabinet

without loosing sonic performance.

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Hifidelity Products


Aesthetics and
Sonic Performance

The label vonschloo offers aesthetic

and sophisticated products  for the living environment.

Swiss design, production, and quality as well as sustainability are important objectives.


We have focussed on small series production,

targeted to the enthusiast and individualist, looking for more personal objects outside

the mainstream.

001_L10_Back View_Eames_01.png

Our products are passive loud speaker systems,

used in a stereo configuration. 

For that reason the speakers are delivered in pairs.

Since it is a passive sound system an amplifier

is needed as well.

The best stereo sound is achieved when both units

are arranged in the same distance to the listener.

With a correct stereo triangle the point source design

of the L-Series speakers delivers an precise stereo

image of the sound stage.

001_Smart Amp_02.png
001_L8_Pers_Front View_Hoch_01.png

Handmade in Switzerland

001_Making of_01.png
001_Making of_03.png


Vonschloo builds all speakers as passive units.

By not having any active electronics or connect ability,

these products never outdate or have compatibility

issues. We don’t find it clever to expose a product to a shorter life cycle than necessary.

Vonschloo puts the same care into our electronic products. The SmartAmp’s internal digital to analog converter can be replaced whenever we launch an updated version to our customers.

We believe that sustainability is build on intelligence, durability, quality and serviceability.


The housing parts are cut and moulded

by hand at Eternit Schweiz AG.

The traditional manufacturing process is based on the special material properties

as well as the skill and experience of the employees in handling the material.

The technical components are also produced by hand in Switzerland.

This technical expertise and the structure of the loudspeaker means that all components can be exchanged, repaired

or replaced if necessary.

All Vonschloo speakers are manufactured entirely in Switzerland, from design to production and assembly.

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